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Bio-N is a start-up company in health and beauty products that has its root from the research and innovation activities carried out at the Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB). The name Bio-N derived from Bio-Engineering or Bio-Natural which highlights the importance of natural essence in producing health and beauty products. The history of Bio-N began in 2016 based on the research and development of bio-products carried out by the co-founder; M. Yusuf Abduh (lecturer of Bio-engineering-ITB) and Syaripudin (alumni of Bioengineering-ITB batch 2011). The research activities were related to the valorisation of biomass to produce bio-products and the results are promising to be further commercialized. Hence, Bio-N was initially established to commercialize the research findings obtained by the co-founder. Currently, Bio-N focus on producing health and beauty products that are formulated based on a high quality natural resources which are halal with a strong support by research and development activities carried out by the researchers at ITB. The vision of Bio-N is to valorise natural resources using a biorefinery approach to produce a high quality health and beauty products. In order to realise that vision, Bio-N is supported by Sisca Dewi Ayudya, alumni of Bioengineering-ITB batch 2010 and Yuanita Handayati, academic staff at the School of Business and Management-ITB.